The Strip Teeze Workout..

Release your Goddess from within.

by Toni Dee

Ms. Nude Venus, Ms. Nude America, and the Nude Entertainer of the Year are only a few of Toni's Exotic dancer titles. Her 20+ years of experience as a Strip Tease performer provides her the knowledge to enable women to experience their Temptress.

Special guest, Lady Malavendra, Burlesque performer and Strip Teeze alumi, will assist in the new series!

Dancing and stretching to release the inner Goddess..... Enabling women to enjoy their sensual power. This class focuses on the movements of the feminine body, releasing tension as well as liberating the unique female spirit. Feeling more confident and empowered as a woman. Starting with a sexy dance warm up and continuing on with naughtypilates floorwork and deep stretches for the hips and back. Learn how to do a Lap Dance and sexy strip, the gift that keeps giving back.... great for a Valentines Day or a Birthday ... Your partner will love it - You will love the results. We will be spicing up the class with goodies like: techniques to help you be more comfortable in your own beautiful skin, clothing removal, choosing music, and using props.

For Ladies only:
Love the uniqueness of your body and enjoy your special FEMININE POWER.
You will get a great muscle working, body moving and balancing workout while having a great time.. All this without taking off any clothes. (Except in private sessions) Women of all ages and body types are welcome! We cover the windows for more privacy.

Toni teaches specialty classes at FitnessSF - Marin in Corte Madera, CA.

The 90 Minute class is only $25 for members and $30 for guests. 

Open to all adult females. Guests do not have to pay the gym use fee, only the class fee.


2015  Class Schedule
# 1) SATURDAY - only on  
5:30pm - 7:00pm
5:30pm - 7:00pm
A series of 2 classes will begin in January 2015 on Friday or Saturday night. Email for reservations and information.
Private lessons are available.