For over 25 years, Toni Dee’s passion for health and fitness and her knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics and kinesiology have made her a highly sought-after and respected consultant in the Fitness Industry.

In 1984, Toni settled in the San Francisco Bay area and started Body Magic Professional Fitness Training. Today, she is one of California’s Marin County’s top Personal Fitness Trainers, designing personalized fitness programs for men, women and children.

In addition to her One-on-One personal fitness training business, Toni hold the position of Group Fitness Manager at Gold’s Gym in Marin County; on a daily basis, she is responsible for helping hundreds of men and women who are serious about staying fit.

Over the years, Toni Dee’s credentials have included:

Champion Fitness Competitor.
Renowned National Fitness Model.
Presenter and continuing education provider.
IFBB Professional Judge of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure.
Ms. Nude Venus, Ms. Nude America RU, Nude Entertainer of the year.

During her successful career Toni has worked with professional football and basketball players, bodybuilders and young athletes. Toni has been a personal stretch-therapist  for renowned athletes like Jerry Rice and Jerry Porter. She has trained such celebrities as Nina Hartley, Aaron Baker as well as the children of many celebrities.