Expertise in the various fields of Fitness is achieved by hours of tutoring and mentoring.  Some of Toni Dee’s mentors include John Parrillo, Aaron Mattes, Robert Rudelic, and Tom Purvis.  Toni attends conferences and seminars several times a year.  She has studied and practiced in the field of fitness and physical therapy for the past 30 years. Today, Toni still travels around the country to gain additional experience and knowledge. Below is a list of a few of the many experts Toni has added to her list of references.

John ParrilloJohn Parrillo
Nutrition and training expert John Parrillo has been on the cutting edge of bodybuilding for over two decades. His unique ideas have been hailed as "nothing short of revolutionary" by the bodybuilding press. John Parrillo has worked with Toni Dee for many years as an educator and coach.
Aaron MattesAaron Mattes
AIS (Active Isolated Stretch) was developed by Aaron Mattes to encourage proper body movement. The Mattes Method of muscle and fascia release provides effective dynamic facilitated stretch of major muscle groups. More important, it provides functional physiological restoration of muscle, tendons, vertebrae, ligaments and joints which leads to healthier superficial and deep fascia tissue structures. AIS can be a beneficial component of massage, especially when treating those receiving chiropractic care.
Robert RudelicRobert Rudelic
An acclaimed Instructor formerly with the National Holistic Institute, Robert is a manual-therapist and medical researcher, whose experience encompasses over eighteen years of clinical practice, conducting seminars and workshops and performance coaching.  Toni worked with Robert during Training Camp with the Oakland Raiders. Robert noticed and said on numerous occasions that Toni had an innate ability to understand human biomechanics and to perform the various types of therapy necessary to deal with the underlying problem. Robert has since been Toni’s mentor in rehabilitation and stretch therapy.

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