Toni Dee's passion for movement has resulted in an extensive study of anatomy, physiology, bio mechanics, and kinesiology under instructors from Hayward State University and Life Chiropractic College as well as many other renowned fitness experts.

Being well-informed with an innate ability to decipher and breakdown human movement, Toni has excelled in her practice and gained notoriety for her talent as a lecturer, instructor, model, bodybuilding competitor and judge. She works with all types of people from professional athletes to people with handicap. Toni is one of the most prominent fitness consultants in Marin County, California.

Over the years, Toni Dee has won several honors in beauty, figure, fitness and bodybuilding including the Ms. San Francisco and Ms. Sacramento Bodybuilding championships; Olympus Cup Woman's overall and mixed pairs; Ms. National Fitness; Ms. Nude Venus and Ms. Nude America pageants as well as the Nude Entertainer of the Year award!

Toni has served as an expeditor and judge for the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) professional division since 1989. She has also worked for the the newly formed "Pro Division", judging professional bodybuilding contests in the U.S.

Currently, she presents seminars, workshops, and master classes.

As a Manager
Assertive, innovative, courteous, clear and respectful, Toni has been an administator of group exercise and fitness programs for the past twenty years. She is known for getting the job done well, with a smile.

As a Dancer
Toni began dancing at the age of three. She has trained in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Gymnastics and Exotic/Striptease.

As an Athlete
Toni has successfully competed in gymnastics, diving, swimming, equestrian events, bodybuilding and fitness, winning dozens of trophies and awards in each discipline.

As a Teacher
Following in her mother's footsteps, Toni has been teaching dance and exercise classes since she was 14 years old. Her attention to detail and form is outstanding!